Concept 500 Seasons is a large-scale, comprehensive crypto project that includes several elements.

1. A new cinematic Metaverse created by artificial intelligence and based on drama tropes familiar to popular culture works. The Metaverse will include numerous characters and locations which can be owned and controlled.

2. The Virtual Space Bar is a platform for freedom of speech and self-expression, where any NFT avatars can hang out, chat with each other, mint NFTs and engage with the project team.

3. The NFT battler in which players can gain some Loot by sending their Golems to battle.

4. The service to "revive" NFT avatars from other metaverses. We develop and train our AI in cooperation with the Vienna University of Psychology and the University of Artificial Intelligence. This feature will give a unique voice and character to an avatar

5. A cryptographic quest in the style of Project Cicada 3301. Players can solve riddles in search of bonuses and deeper meanings.

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